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Mexican. 26. New in California.

Likes: Quotes. James Dean. Girls. Boys. Piercings. Tattoos. Dr. Pepper. Food. Alternative Rock. Old Movies. Photographs. Snakes. Levi's. Boots. Clovers. iPod. Cigarettes. Ray-Ban. Vests. Chocolate. Iced-coffee. Vintage. Musicals. X-Box. Pool. Boardgames. KOF. Fries. Cheese. Cars. Amaretto sour. XX Lager. Pizza.

“You know what my number one fantasy used to be?… I used to think about one day, just not telling anyone, and going off to some random place. And I’d just… disappear. And they’d never see me again. Did you ever think about stuff like that?”Ghost World (2001)

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