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Mexican. 26. New in California.

Likes: Quotes. James Dean. Girls. Boys. Piercings. Tattoos. Dr. Pepper. Food. Alternative Rock. Old Movies. Photographs. Snakes. Levi's. Boots. Clovers. iPod. Cigarettes. Ray-Ban. Vests. Chocolate. Iced-coffee. Vintage. Musicals. X-Box. Pool. Boardgames. KOF. Fries. Cheese. Cars. Amaretto sour. XX Lager. Pizza.


You can just tell that Nicki Minaj is the kind of person that when you’re telling a story and everyone else in the group is talking over you, she’s making direct eye contact with you and paying extra attention so that you don’t get discouraged and stop mid-story.

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My prayers have been answered. Damien Rice has a new album coming out! Yes!

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